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Make a Transfer. Change Lives.

Intermart is an affordable and socially responsible remittance platform for remittance senders, recipients and the communities they live in.
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Our Mission
«We think international remittance should be about more than money. We want to make a convenient, affordable product, but we also want it to benefit the entire community, not just individuals.» Patrick Metellus

Founder, Intermart LLC

How Does It Work?

100% Mobile Transfers

Send money whenever you want, wherever you want from your smartphone.

Affordable Remittance

Our banking partners securely process your transfer for a reasonable fee.

Automatic Contributions

We donate a portion of our proceeds to the social cause of your choice.

Building Community

The more you send, the more you save and the more money we contribute to the community.
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Let’s make remittance a force for good.
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